Children’s Exams

Our clinic is proud to treat your loved ones, and take care of your children. Whether it is examining your children, or helping with the Eye See, Eye Learn program we are here for you.

Eye See Eye Learn

Our practice is part of the Eye See Eye Learn program. This is a government initiative that pays for glasses for children in Junior Kindergarden should they need them in order enhance learning. 80% of a child’s learning is through vision. Often a child does not know what a blur is and learning suffers.

Children are already covered annually for eye exams through OHIP. The goal of this program is to catch and correct vision problems early so that school learning and visual development isn’t compromised.

Statistics show that one in four kids have a vision problem (and parents are often unaware). Come get your children’s eyes examined.

For more information on the program, visit

Jennifer’s Story

An Ontario parent shares her shocking story of learning that her 6 year old daughter is legally blind in one eye. She didn’t show any signs of a vision problem. She shares her story and encourages other parents to have their children’s eyes examined regularly by an optometrist.

Video courtesy of the of the Ontario Association of Optomerists.